Turn your contracts into data to boost
your existing IT systems.


The volume and diversity of enterprise contracts make them hard to process in a systematic way.

From the wealth of information in contracts, only a few parameters are captured by CRM and ERP systems.

This is a risk and productivity issue.

It is also a drag for the creation of innovative offerings, that would result in even more diverse contracts.

The missed opportunities and losses buried in large volume of diverse contract can represent a substantial amount.

CODEXO allows you to reduce theses missed opportunities & losses.

Codexo also gives you the data agility required for the implementation and management of innovative business offerings.

CODEXO’s source of information is the contract itself with no limit to the diversity that the data model can handle.

While other contract solutions source data from existing CRM/ERP systems with pre-defined set of parameters, CODEXO feeds the existing EPR/CRM with richer information.

CODEXO preserves the integrity and completeness of the contract information:

  • 100% data extraction, every word becomes an actionable parameter
  • Smart taxonomy and AI that builds on your prose across languages
  • Easy plug into your existing IT, no change required to your existing systems
  • GDPR: a data model that keeps track of Personal Data by design

E-Signature: a simple way to get started

Plug CODEXO on top of your existing e-Signature process, to collect 100% of the contract data, including personal data for GDPR, in addition to the signature itself.